The Player's League

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League Players

Player Team
Justin Stewart We're sexy and we throw it
Neil Bronstein Menace II Sobriety
Wade Moricle Menace II Sobriety
Rob Sten Projectile Dysfunction
Gus Glaw Menace II Sobriety
William Perry Starvin' Dartists
Steve Blackburn Bridge Builders
Robert Orleman Wild Beast Brigade
Darren Reid Circle Jerks
Frank Schultz Yacht Dawgs
Tony McDaniel Bridge Builders
Timo Snider Circle Jerks
Don Brothers (A-C Only) Alternate Pool
Matt Dickason 1's Are Closed
Gendo Krisna Yacht Dawgs
Tony Harper Pint and a Fight
Tom Hidock Menace II Sobriety
Dane Sponberg Hasselhoff
Bill Hobbs USS Big Hard
Andy Wilson 1's Are Closed
Dereck Jackson Flight Club
Rich Dufford Yacht Dawgs
Chris Harden Bridge Builders
Ian McPherson Ridin' Darty
Rich Rosario Starvin' Dartists
Chris Cline Gatitos de la Muerte
Micah Brooks Ridin' Darty
Brian Reber Off In The Woods
Matty Ryan Brewhouse Bull Masters
Jeff Lell Jager Time
David Ozyp Brewhouse Bull Masters
Bo Scott Brewhouse Bull Masters
Kym Hadzick Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Miro Malesevic Off In The Woods
Kristin Thorsen-Malesevic Off In The Woods
Matt Hall Off In The Woods
Scott Mitchell Off In The Woods
Tom Groch Sharp Objects
Larry Gray Gatitos de la Muerte
David West Man Bags
Fran Coleman Fado
Patrick Hughes Man Bags
Jeremy Beatenbaugh Beers and Spears
Bert Hopkins Circle Jerks
Emory Cullen Poker, We don't know her
Steve Cutcher Jager Time
Matt Crouch Sharp Objects
Tommy Henley Starvin' Dartists
Bill Barnes Hasselhoff
Pete Kerner Man Bags
Mike Perdue The Trash Pandas
Donald "The Beard" Kjorlien Yacht Dawgs
Dacey Hartsfield Menace II Sobriety
Sara "The Boss" Haskew Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Scott Thomas Man Bags
Drew Kirkland Starvin' Dartists
Ryan Crocker Starvin' Dartists
Jenn McEwen Three Men in a Boat
Chris McEwen Three Men in a Boat
Brian Lane Menace II Sobriety
Dustin Davis Omeletville Omelets
Gerry Gafford Fado
Chris Jones Poker, We don't know her
Johnny McConnell Flight Club
David Massey Flight Club
John Collins Flight Club
Tom Williams Flight Club
Trey Smith Flight Club
Andrew Cutcher Jager Time
Use for Alternate 2 Yacht Dawgs
Use for Alternate 45 The Trash Pandas
Use for Alternate 197 One Hundred Nine Grams
Use for Alternate 189 Beers and Spears
Use for Alternate 86 Hooligans
Use for Alternate 47 Off In The Woods
Use for Alternate 81 Flight Club
Use for Alternate 72 Starvin' Dartists
Use for Alternate 32 Hasselhoff
Matt Weaver Off In The Woods
Use for Alternate 67 Pint and a Fight
Use for Alternate 106 Adda Dabba Doo
Use for Alternate 59 Man Bags
Use for Alternate 107 Sharp Objects
Use for Alternate 19 1's Are Closed
Use for Alternate 93 Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Use for Alternate 190 Gatitos de la Muerte
Use for Alternate 48 Poker, We don't know her
Mike Fitzgibbon Flight Club
Use for Alternate 102 Basic Bitches
Use for Alternate 226 Armmed & Hammered
Use for Alternate 195 Tons n' Roses
Use for Alternate 229 Narfle the Garthok
Use for Alternate 196 The UFO's
Greg Underwood Starvin' Dartists
Bobby Shepard Wallbangers
Levi Blinson Yacht Dawgs
Chad Haase Armmed & Hammered
Rob King Bull Shifters
Mike Buchbinder The Ginja Ninjas
Neal Bateman The Ginja Ninjas
Pat Keller The Ginja Ninjas
Brian Donegan Darts and Crafts
Rob Benz Darts and Crafts
Jamila Hankins Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Keita Evans Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Mike Callahan The Ginja Ninjas
Bradley Wright The Ginja Ninjas
Ryan "Red" Morrin 1's Are Closed
Tim Crockett Adda Dabba Doo
Gareth Buckley Brewhouse Bull Masters
Kyle Johnson Dart Vader & The OGs
Ashleigh Kent Dart Vader & The OGs
Claire Stovall Dart Vader & The OGs
Dustin Dolatowski Dart Vader & The OGs
Megan Lyons Dart Vader & The OGs
Shawn Cleary Darts and Crafts
Kristin Wilson Darts and Crafts
Michael Wilson Darts and Crafts
Dondi McClintock Darty Sanchez
Rob Thompson Wild Beast Brigade
James Kelley (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Andy Minkewicz Flight Club
Phillip Appiah Darty Sanchez
Matt Baker Beers and Spears
John Heenan Beers and Spears
Chris Giddens Beers and Spears
Mark "Four Count" Sparkman The Glen-Woody's
Tony Lawrence The Ginja Ninjas
Andrew O'Conner Tons n' Roses
Moran Vered The UFO's
Doug Lueder The UFO's
Vien Nguyen Bridge Builders
Chris Jagger Starvin' Dartists
Rob Kosakoski 1's Are Closed
Amber Baker Beers and Spears
Ben Kruger The Ginja Ninjas
Eric Kilgo (A-B Only) Alternate Pool
Kenn Klarich One Hundred Nine Grams
Jeremy Green One Hundred Nine Grams
Nate Chandler One Hundred Nine Grams
Michael Dryden The UFO's
Crystal Sellers (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Michelle Tow (B-E Only) Alternate Pool
Todd Koch (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Blake Kearney Alternate Pool
Mike Fischer Tons n' Roses
Mike Kramer Tons n' Roses
Matt Eby (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Tony Crane Beers and Spears
Use for Alternate 56 Circle Jerks
Use for Alternate 103 Ridin' Darty
Ryan Travis Tons n' Roses
Kevin Epp One Hundred Nine Grams
Kevin Leipow The UFO's
Wendy Lambert Armmed & Hammered
John Talisman One Hundred Nine Grams
LuAnne DeMeo (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Rob Sten Menace II Sobriety
Mike Ivey Three Men in a Boat
Tom "lil bitch" Gramling The Drunken Phoenix
Bill Griffin Dart Attacks
Colm Reilly Fado
James Moore Fado
Robert Turman Fado
Russell Belcher Fado
Ben Alvarado The Trash Pandas
Paul Rocker One Hundred Nine Grams
Claire (Langley) Godino Poker, We don't know her
Chris Miller Alternate Pool
Brent Peebles Alternate Pool
James Rutherford Alternate Pool
Carl Gilbert The Glen-Woody's
Matt Mullen Unicorn Fandango
Charles Brosen Unicorn Fandango
Tom Dearman Adda Dabba Doo
Eric Thoroe Adda Dabba Doo
Ryan Price Yacht Dawgs
Heather Koth MBT20
Hilary Zelko Cherry Strikers
Lisa Moore Cherry Strikers
Kristen Tullos Cherry Strikers
Sarah Ashton Cherry Strikers
Laura Steul MBT20
Charlie Cates Poker, We don't know her
Melissa Abreu Basic Bitches
Jamie Lane Darty Sanchez
Madison Koeneke Sharp Objects
Doug Sprinkle Poker, We don't know her
Stephanie Buck KY Easy In
Andy McClatchey We're sexy and we throw it
William Vance We're sexy and we throw it
Velvet Twist Wallbangers
Jimmy Horton Needledicks
Drew Wood Needledicks
Sam Farmer Needledicks
Shayne Adams We're sexy and we throw it
Use for Alternate 228 We're sexy and we throw it
Use for Alternate 105 Brewhouse Bull Masters
Mike Montano Alternate Pool
Anne Haase Armmed & Hammered
Clinton "Surge" Watkins Armmed & Hammered
Barry Greene Gatitos de la Muerte
Jonny Moreno Table 5
Erik Nave Sharp Objects
Jumpy Burns Gatitos de la Muerte
Sean Muscio 1's Are Closed
John Rogers Three Men in a Boat
Use for Alternate 207 Three Men in a Boat
Use for Alternate 220 The Glen-Woody's
Xander Johnson MBT20
Jacob Gauthier We're sexy and we throw it
Ben Rickles Table 5
Patrick O'shea Bustin' Feels Good
Chuck Amason Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Bretton McIIrath Gatitos de la Muerte
Amber Gallagher the Dartside
Paul Granade Gatitos de la Muerte
Stephen Maginas Bull Shifters
David Stallings Bull Shifters
Dan Grupp Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Alternate for 241 Paul Dart Mall Cop
Alternate for 240 The Drunken Phoenix
Alternate for 239 the Dartside
Frank Casino The Drunken Phoenix
Don Hodack The Drunken Phoenix
Bryan Hieserman The Drunken Phoenix
Scott Robinson The Drunken Phoenix
Stephen Pritchett The Drunken Phoenix
Darren Tigue The Drunken Phoenix
Ben McGlamery Paul Dart Mall Cop
Geoff Sable the Dartside
Matthew Cartin Gatitos de la Muerte
Use for Alternate 99 Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Robby Stites Three Men in a Boat
Corey Ledet Three Men in a Boat
John Marty Flight Club
Use for Alternate 101 J├Ąger Time
Jeff Davis Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Use for Alternate 209 Dart Attacks
Dominique Gardener Bustin' Feels Good
Van Moncrieff Bustin' Feels Good
Tyler Durden Bustin' Feels Good
Evan Deyoung Bustin' Feels Good
PJ Verstraete Needledicks
Jake Star Needledicks
John Majewski Wallbangers
Sean Chance Poker, We don't know her
Brent Harris Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Timothy Cambias Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Alex Amarra (current) Circle Jerks
Justin Walker Armmed & Hammered
Chris Vollmer Three Men in a Boat
Use for Alternate 224 Wallbangers
Use for Alternate 223 Cherry Strikers
Use for Alternate 211 Bridge Builders
Morgan Akers Jager Time
Todd Gandee Poker, We don't know her
Dustin Weaver We're sexy and we throw it
Bobby Threat The Glen-Woody's
Ben Miller The Glen-Woody's
Tom Kerekes Needledicks
James Steadham Gatitos de la Muerte
Elizabeth Ehrlich Bustin' Feels Good
Ben Williams the Dartside
Matt McGlamery Paul Dart Mall Cop
Use for Alternate 244 Bustin' Feels Good
Kyle Greiner Adda Dabba Doo
Jeff Gordon The UFO's
Ed Kosakoski 1's Are Closed
Mike Buechel Hasselhoff
Josh Matlock The Glen-Woody's
Brian Newsome Gatitos de la Muerte
Patrick McCoy Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Use for ALTERNATE 260 Grant Dart
Use for Alternate 245 Needledicks
Alternate 2 for 102 Basic Bitches
Corey Reitz The Glen-Woody's
Nick Lemmond KY Easy In
Betsy Howerton Is It In?
Leslie Reed Is It In?
Jess Thompson Is It In?
Amy Figuerdo Is It In?
Holly Colundjia Is It In?
Caroline Taylor Is It In?
Ellen Jarratt Is It In?
Jen Yavorsky Is It In?
Bill Richardson Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Brian Mancuso Is It In?
Alternate for 210 Fado
Robert Sills MBT20
Kevin Hughes Hasselhoff
Chris Campana KY Easy In
Nickie Adams Basic Bitches
Scott Hennessy KY Easy In
Tyler Mabry Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Bob Newsome Grant Dart
Use for Alternate 246 Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Use for Alternate 227 KY Easy In
Use for Alternate 231 Bull Shifters
Use for Alternate 271 Smells Like Bulls Hit
Richard Sims SUMMA THIS
Lonnie Hawkins SUMMA THIS
Eli Sanders Wallbangers
Jeff Jurgena Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Use for Alternate 272 SUMMA THIS
Bonnie Burns Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Jimy Hoadley Darty Sanchez
Use for Alternate 94 The Ginja Ninjas
Sean Glancy The Ginja Ninjas
Kevin Adesso Hasselhoff
Nick DeMarco Projectile Dysfunction
Ryan Murphy Projectile Dysfunction
Drew Johnston Projectile Dysfunction
Bruce Thomas Projectile Dysfunction
Wyatt Medlin Projectile Dysfunction
Robby Whitlock Projectile Dysfunction
Will Evans Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Matthew Suhr No MAS!
Andy Martin USS Big Hard
Hayley McNutt USS Big Hard
Doug Holloway USS Big Hard
Use for Alternate 266 USS Big Hard
Scott Jones The UFO's
Sean Berry Circle Jerks
PJ Hon No MAS!
Rede Hankinson No MAS!
David Hooten Darty Birds
Max Leonard Darty Birds
Matt Bailey Darty Birds
Dave Benkeser Darty Birds
Jim Gandee Poker, We don't know her
Ray Polvinen Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Ian Brown USS Big Hard
John Blake Fado
Antonio Pfleegor Projectile Dysfunction
Darin Paine Brewhouse Bull Masters
Ryan Reynolds Dart Bags
Derrick Blackmon Dart Bags
Ryan Schumacher Dart Bags
Myles Andre Dart Bags
Andrew Mistretta Darty Birds
Sam Hogg Paul Dart Mall Cop
Callen Rhodes Paul Dart Mall Cop
Robert Graham Paul Dart Mall Cop
Barrett Atkins Paul Dart Mall Cop
Greg Shaw USS Big Hard
David Jordan No MAS!
Amelia Hill Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Alex Carter Inner Voice
Andrew Mcintosh Paul Dart Mall Cop
Leanna London Dart Attacks
Ryan Evans Dart Attacks
Jack Little Projectile Dysfunction
Josh McLaurin MBT20
August Nicolaus Dart Bags
Use for Alternate 243 Menace II Sobriety
Gavin Williams Paul Dart Mall Cop
Jeremy Kuhn Darty Birds
Phillip Barbosa Hasselhoff
Dan Niewoehner Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Tim Truman Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Charlene Sotolongo Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Mike Gover The UFO's
Graham kish No MAS!
Rob Kopperhaver No MAS!
Craig Tanguay Needledicks
Caleb Weir Paul Dart Mall Cop
Chase Cochran Needledicks
Erica Fortune Gatitos de la Muerte
Use for Alternate 277 Dart Bags
Use for Alternate 275 Darty Birds
Katt Miteff USS Big Hard
Dave Reis Dart Bags
Brian Fletcher Flight Club
Connor "Collard" Alred The Drunken Phoenix
Josh Hunsberger USS Big Hard
Paul Coutier Dart Attacks
Martin Comer Projectile Dysfunction
Brendan Elizondo Projectile Dysfunction
Ethan Levine Grant Dart
Kate Kinser Pointy End First
Bart Carlson Pointy End First
Thomas Forbes Dart Attacks
Eliot Beckham MBT20
Paul Amedeo Inner Voice
Tristan Ziegler Inner Voice
Rhett Caseman Inner Voice
Josh Johnson Inner Voice
Patrick Woods Inner Voice
Joed Kendrick Inner Voice
Sam Katz Darts inside
Kenny Andrews Darts inside
Dillon Joiner Darts inside
Neal Allen Darts inside
Sean Kelly Darts inside
Danny ibele Darts inside
Artie Nicholaus Dart Bags
Kevin Riorden Yacht Dawgs
Sloan No MAS!
Jason Egli No MAS!
Sabah Amad Yacht Dawgs
Alex Carter Inner Voice
Jaron Neal Projectile Dysfunction
Merrick Royball Off In The Woods
Brendan McMackin Grant Dart
Kelsey Sanders Grant Dart
Stephanie Newsome Grant Dart
Matt Roszak Inner Voice
Kristy Williams Pointy End First
Joe Rumley Grant Dart
Use for Alternate 222 Darty Sanchez
Michael Paul McKinney Paul Dart Mall Cop
Jahti Anderson Grant Dart
Mike Walsh MBT20
Laura Sayers Pointy End First
Phillip McGinnis Pointy End First
Alan Williams Pointy End First
Jason Boley The UFO's
Ben Clayton The UFO's
Lindsey Dowell The UFO's
Jacob Flood Darty Sanchez
Roberto Torreggiani Grant Dart
Jeff Linn Inner Voice
Patrick Gallagher Dirty Darters
Connor Bernhard Dirty Darters
Sarah Gilbert Armmed & Hammered
Sue Kenny Armmed & Hammered
Use for Alternate 289 Dirty Darters
Duane Trotter Darty Sanchez
Lisa Brasel Darty Sanchez
Eric Goodrich Dirty Darters
Duncan Albert Dirty Darters
Taylor Schmidt Dirty Darters
Daniel Wartner Dirty Darters
Thomas Wasson Smells Like Bulls Hit
Rodney Mosteller Dirty Darters
Ted Eader Dirty Darters
Tom Godfrey Smells Like Bulls Hit
Nikki Prior USS Big Hard
Ben Rolader USS Big Hard
Stephen Stroer Darty Birds
Daniel Dorsher Smells Like Bulls Hit
Lauren Alvarez Gatitos de la Muerte