The Player's League

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League Players

Player Team
Justin "El Wanko" Stewart Brewhouse Bull Masters
Neil Bronstein Menace II Sobriety
Joe Binns Inactive
Wade Moricle Menace II Sobriety
Sean "Smack" McElroy Inactive
Rob Sten Wallbangers
Greg "Brady" Gerhard Wild Beast Brigade
Gus Glaw Menace II Sobriety
Steve Thomas Inactive
Mark Chappelear Inactive
Paul Santucci Inactive
William Perry Starvin' Dartists
Shane Hilker Inactive
Steve Blackburn Bridge Builders
Guillermo Palermo Yacht Dawgs
Wendy Orleman Inactive
Robert Orleman Wild Beast Brigade
Mike Novak Inactive
Dave Altherr Inactive
Blake Moody Inactive
Kelley Baker Inactive
Paul Barsness Inactive
Danny Schaefer Brewhouse Bull Masters
Steve Brust Inactive
Dave Stuchkus Inactive
Steven Snider Inactive
William Thurmond Inactive
Tony Minton Inactive
John "Shoney" Smith Inactive
Al Grubb Inactive
Tim Bennett Inactive
Darren Reid Inactive
Frank Schultz Yacht Dawgs
Rob Spears - RIP Inactive
Steve Hills Inactive
Dan Owen Inactive
Mark Dertz Inactive
Jim Goodman Inactive
Glen Allamon Inactive
Tony McDaniel Bridge Builders
Mark "Griff" Griffis Inactive
Jerry Runels Inactive
Michael Bundschu Inactive
Dan "Haus" Haussig Inactive
Timo Snider Circle Jerks
Joe Poplar Circle Jerks
Kelby Kessler Inactive
Meg Snider Inactive
Matt Denine Inactive
Claire Pearson Inactive
Martha Veale Inactive
Annie Hammock Inactive
Melissa Stevens Inactive
Charlie Brooks Inactive
Tim King Inactive
John Day Inactive
Beth Healy Inactive
Wendy Mayes Inactive
Ian Bryson Inactive
Hugh Trotti Inactive
Elizabeth Wiggins Inactive
Keith Akridge Inactive
Craig Milburn Inactive
Steve Rice Inactive
Jeff Todd Inactive
Dorsey McBride Inactive
Jeff Trotti Inactive
John Minton Inactive
Brian "Big B" Schechterle Yacht Dawgs
John Denine Inactive
Dennis Hamilton Inactive
Jeff Gates Inactive
Damien Bourque Inactive
Tom Kelso Inactive
RJ Strong Inactive
Nick Coulson Inactive
Jeremy Sciranko (A-C Only) Inactive
Bill Norton Magic City Monday
Andy Estes Inactive
Steve Hall Inactive
Chad Smith Inactive
Cary Locke Inactive
Sean Nicholson Inactive
Greg Evans Inactive
Don Brothers (A-C Only) Alternate Pool
Jonathan Nowells Inactive
Kenneth Smith Inactive
Ron "The Comeback Kid" Johnso Yacht Dawgs
Kyle Killough Inactive
JR Froy Inactive
John Rodgers Inactive
Craig Hesterlee Inactive
Doug Evans Inactive
Pete Buch Inactive
John Cheatham Inactive
Marc Cuba Inactive
Micah McClain Inactive
Tim Vasilovic Inactive
Daniel Keiger Inactive
Manny Poulos Inactive
Tim Truxell Inactive
Justin Baskerville Inactive
Curt Patrick Inactive
Jeremy Barrow Inactive
Todd Sarginson Inactive
Jimmy Long Inactive
Mark Arum Inactive
Matt Dickason 1's Are Closed
Brett Barash Inactive
Brian Fenik Inactive
Judson Hickinbotham Inactive
Jay Tarulli Inactive
Gary Inactive
Terry O'Haren Inactive
Mitch Burdett Inactive
Burke Hodges Inactive
Steve White Inactive
Robin Delmer Inactive
Brian Inactive
Dustin Novak Inactive
Andy Shu Inactive
Dave Mayr Inactive
Jack Dunham Inactive
Brandon Faulkner Inactive
Justin Schultz Inactive
John Steinhofer Inactive
Andrew Stewart Inactive
Michael Haslam Inactive
Raymond Tamley Inactive
Patrick "JJP" Copeland Inactive
Patrick Bradley Inactive
Angela Muncher Inactive
Amber Hurlburt Inactive
Skip Henderson Inactive
Robert Levingston Inactive
Derek Yeager Inactive
Geoff Paine Inactive
CE Raum Inactive
Peter Mitchell Inactive
Victoria Wood Inactive
Tom Dudley Inactive
John Fuertes Inactive
Greg Afflick Inactive
Tom Mitchell Inactive
John Cox Inactive
Kerri Mercer Inactive
Steve Whittier Inactive
Derek Rousselle Inactive
Rae Nash Inactive
Andy Davies Inactive
Colleen Voisin Inactive
Chris Lawson Inactive
Damon Burke Inactive
Mark Huff Inactive
George Hammes Inactive
Ian Ybarbo Inactive
Cliff Michaels Inactive
Patrick Stewart Inactive
Randy Hutson Inactive
Jeff Justus Inactive
Billy Wall Inactive
Barry Davis Inactive
Stephen Radowski Inactive
Joe Sprinkle Inactive
Leah Jennings Inactive
Chuck Horton Inactive
Steve Berger Inactive
Gendo Krisna Inactive
Tony Harper Pint and a Fight
Rob Eli Inactive
Dale Kubala Inactive
Tom Hidock Menace II Sobriety
Adam Stone Inactive
Matt DuBose Inactive
Aaron Cox Inactive
Dominic Terrado Inactive
Julie Weidmann Inactive
Scott Council Inactive
Gena Maria Diaz Inactive
Josh Anderson Inactive
Pete Inactive
Bobby Inactive
Roger Hurst Inactive
Bruce Martin Inactive
Heath ? Inactive
Clint Tippens Inactive
Evan Inactive
Jamie Young Inactive
Mary Ann Dobbs Inactive
Stacey Furlow Inactive
Dianne Nixon Inactive
Diane Faw Inactive
John Furlow Inactive
Rich Love Inactive
Kendall Mitzner Inactive
Rob Vail Inactive
Cindy Aber Inactive
Christina Zamboni Inactive
Dave Chambless Inactive
Gina Cook Inactive
Hollis Ellison Inactive
Pete Eckman Inactive
Julie Dunn Inactive
Gary Huff Inactive
Alison Sistrunk Inactive
Frank Dunn Inactive
Margaret Huff Inactive
Mike Inactive
Matt Inactive
Joel Sciranko Inactive
Adam Willhite Inactive
Owen Jennings Inactive
Bill Hutson Inactive
Hal Sistrunk Inactive
Ian Franklin Inactive
Robbie Sharpless Inactive
Dane Sponberg Hasselhoff
Samantha Brady Inactive
Jason Swinks Inactive
James Johnson Inactive
Matt Mowaczok Inactive
Mike Dimitrie Inactive
Jason Hakerem Inactive
Ashley Johnson Inactive
Tim Hibler Inactive
Rachel Livengood Inactive
Ryan Marcus Inactive
Todd Livengood Inactive
Dianne Oeser Inactive
Rob Moore Inactive
Chris Holmes Inactive
Bill Hobbs Inactive
CJ Navarro Inactive
Nick Navarro Inactive
Michael Cayes Inactive
Cliff Gantt Inactive
Mary Kay Inactive
Nick Simms Inactive
Marco Zucchi Inactive
Wes Yoakum Inactive
Jonathan Mercy Inactive
Stephen Rudawsky Inactive
Dan Chappelear Inactive
Brian LaHue Inactive
Andy Wilson 1's Are Closed
Bob Harrison Inactive
Dan Asher Inactive
Sean Minton Inactive
Rik Phillips Inactive
Ryan Murray Inactive
Eddie Davis Inactive
Morgan Dotson Inactive
Dereck Jackson Inactive
Dave Schnitger Inactive
Martina Weber Inactive
Joe Hagin Inactive
Rich Dufford Menace II Sobriety
Tony Garnett Inactive
Greg Burdette Inactive
Lisa Douglas Inactive
Wayne Removcik Inactive
Melanie Wiggins Inactive
Scott Anderson Inactive
Chris Harden Bridge Builders
Jason Moore Inactive
Dawn Perry Inactive
Ian McPherson Ridin' Darty
Mark Tilton Inactive
Rich Rosario Starvin' Dartists
Cynthia Tilton Inactive
Amy Anderson Wallbangers
Elliot Goff Inactive
Chris Cline Gatitos de la Muerte
Dan Cutts Inactive
David Cutts Inactive
Allister Martin Inactive
Lindsey Edelmann Inactive
Larry Lester Inactive
Cliff Edelmann Inactive
Jesse Schank Inactive
Mike Cincotta Inactive
Joel Herron Inactive
JT Shoemaker Inactive
Kristen Sager Cincotta Inactive
Molly Hislop Inactive
Chris Pfenninger Inactive
Richard Phillips Inactive
Joel Ring Inactive
Micah Brooks Ridin' Darty
Katie "Bullseye" Wyman Inactive
Ty Taylor Inactive
Heinrich Lob Inactive
Isham Colosetti Inactive
Jason Duignan Inactive
Brian Reber The Trash Pandas
Matty Ryan Starvin' Dartists
Christine Ryan Inactive
Chad Benham Inactive
Jeff Lell Jäger Time
David Ozyp Bridge Builders
Bo Scott Bridge Builders
Amy Horner Inactive
John Shuba Inactive
David Owensby Inactive
Rudo Kieft Inactive
Peter Decker Inactive
Lacey Snyder Inactive
Brent Benefield Inactive
Scott Elzey Inactive
Chip Pecchio Inactive
Jon Hill Inactive
Dave Whitney Inactive
Denise Dunio Inactive
Mike Moran Inactive
Adam Lloyd Inactive
Ryan Inactive
Mike Cowan Inactive
Bo Horne Inactive
JT Stephens Inactive
Joe Voison Inactive
John Bayalis Inactive
Scott Cohen Inactive
Chad Vance Inactive
Joe Williams Inactive
Ryan Bailey Inactive
Nic Adcock Inactive
Kym Hadzick Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Chris Hellmold Inactive
Rick Snider Inactive
David Prince Inactive
Miro Malesevic Off In The Woods
Kristin Thorsen-Malesevic Off In The Woods
Matt Hall Off In The Woods
John Hemsley Inactive
Eric Hurst Inactive
Mert Gulpinar Inactive
Gray Saunders Inactive
Scott Mitchell Off In The Woods
Tom Groch Sharp Objects
Matt Gibson Inactive
Barbara Nix Inactive
Larry Gray Gatitos de la Muerte
Jeremy Weiss Inactive
Dave McCaigue Inactive
Andy "Psycho" Wills Inactive
Fulton Lewis Inactive
Corey McCain Inactive
John Thomas Inactive
Derek Fugaro Inactive
Travis Reid Inactive
Patrick Lucey Inactive
Jeff Scheider Inactive
David West Man Bags
Emily Desimone Inactive
Fran Coleman Fado
Hans Saager Inactive
Jeff Campbell Inactive
Patrick Hughes Man Bags
Dave Brier Inactive
Jeremy Beatenbaugh Beers and Spears
Murray Wallace Inactive
Tom Beatenbaugh Inactive
Guy "The Knife" Ingram Inactive
Hillary Reid Inactive
Lori Lawson Inactive
Lynn Norton Inactive
Stan Lund Inactive
Tim Reichert Inactive
Brian Bundy Inactive
John O'Neal Inactive
Lee Harper Inactive
Vince Garcia Inactive
David Nance Inactive
Bert Hopkins Circle Jerks
Greg Hodgin Inactive
Shannon Matheny Inactive
Walker McKnight Inactive
Ann Pavlik Inactive
Dana Bayes Inactive
Phillip Salazar Inactive
Emory Cullen Inactive
Steve Cutcher Inactive
Matt Crouch Sharp Objects
Kenny Bowen Inactive
Mark Appling Inactive
Jill Agin Inactive
Tommy Henley Starvin' Dartists
Dan Dibacco Inactive
Bill Drew Inactive
Jens Stabler Inactive
Matt Higgins Inactive
Joseph Klein Inactive
Doug Naville Inactive
R Scott Kohus Inactive
Jeremy McGinnis Inactive
Josh Carruth Inactive
Matt Dinsmore Inactive
Mike Hanlon Inactive
Sam Bienfait Inactive
Adal De La Cruz Inactive
Chris Wright Inactive
Jayson Janney Inactive
Jose Hernandez Inactive
Ricardo Villeda Inactive
Mark Hobbs Inactive
Richard Hill Inactive
John Poulton Inactive
Amanda McWilliams Inactive
Jason Stewart Inactive
Kurt Kosloske Inactive
RJ Fonda Inactive
Ryan Blackwell Inactive
Keith Van Antwerp Inactive
Bill Barnes Hasselhoff
Pete Kerner Man Bags
Jim Boan Inactive
Glenn Livingston Inactive
Eugene Swayne Inactive
Victoria Brunner Inactive
Mike Perdue The Trash Pandas
Travis Johnson Inactive
Scott Joiner Inactive
Andy Long Inactive
Donald "The Beard" Kjorlien The Trash Pandas
Peter Toevs Inactive
Dacey Hartsfield Inactive
Sabah Ahmad Inactive
Michael McCorvey Inactive
Marty Nolan Inactive
Booanna Berry Inactive
Randy Drinkwater Inactive
Sara "The Boss" Haskew Basic Bitches
Chad Greene Inactive
Matt Chavis Inactive
Justin Ducote Inactive
Keith Greene Inactive
Whitney Green Inactive
Steve Chiariello Inactive
Scott Thomas Man Bags
Hillary Love Inactive
JJ Johnson Inactive
Sean Barry Inactive
Ryan Haggberg Inactive
Ken Thornton Inactive
Evan Johnson Inactive
Anthony Verdicanno Inactive
Paige Dobson Inactive
James Davis Inactive
Joey Klein Inactive
Stephen Friend Inactive
Amanda Spears Inactive
Eddie Bradshaw Inactive
Jonathan Sargent Inactive
Jessica Aaron Inactive
Mike Cowan (2) Inactive
Kristina Grabbe Inactive
Paul Rodecker Inactive
Ken Kristoff Inactive
Jeff Beaver Inactive
Paul Trinh Inactive
Gary Bronstien Inactive
Tony Terrell Inactive
Bob Tuchow Inactive
Mike Martin Inactive
Todd Baker Inactive
Brandon Longley Inactive
Drew Kirkland Starvin' Dartists
Ryan Crocker Starvin' Dartists
Ryan Weaver Inactive
Kyle Seymour Inactive
Robert Wagner Inactive
Catherine Johnson Inactive
Adam Beacham Inactive
Jenn McEwen Three Men in a Boat
JB Henderson Inactive
Chris McEwen Three Men in a Boat
James Whitney Inactive
Paul Looker Inactive
James McKinstry Inactive
Tom Moses Inactive
Carrie Sten Inactive
Rez Inactive
Eric Buckhalt Dart Attacks
Zain Yousafza Inactive
Doug Loux Inactive
Jason Creamer Hasselhoff
Zach Kaskey Inactive
Andy Head Inactive
Emily Mayre Atomic Blondes
Bob Schwertner Inactive
John Patrick Pignetti Inactive
Chesley Lowe Inactive
Daniel Jean Menace II Sobriety
Alison Jean Inactive
Brian Fletcher Inactive
Brian Lane Menace II Sobriety
Vivian Lowe Inactive
Liz Hagen Inactive
Dustin Davis Omeletville Omelets
Dan Davies Inactive
Gerry Gafford Fado
Chris Hellmold(alt) Inactive
Dave Thibault Inactive
Jim Berarducci Inactive
Trina Kumm Inactive
Mark Dzieciolowski Inactive
Eddie Bradshaw1 Inactive
Dan Lynch Inactive
Laird Ruth Inactive
Betsy Manous Inactive
Steve Minshaw Inactive
Jessica Whitlock Inactive
Barry Landon Inactive
Holen Tamman Inactive
Jeff Mikes Inactive
Chris Jones Poker, We don't know her
Chris Rawlings Inactive
Johnny McConnell Flight Club
Brandon Smith Inactive
David Massey Flight Club
John Collins Flight Club
Tom Williams Flight Club
Trey Smith Flight Club
David Kaley Inactive
Mark Harbacheck Inactive
Jess Palmer Inactive
Rob Benham Inactive
Tyler Graham Inactive
Nick Waldorf Circle Jerks
Gordon Ely-Kelso Inactive
Brent Ullrich Inactive
Borden Hoskins Inactive
Jason Fleissner Inactive
Marshall Parker Inactive
Logon Wood(alt) Inactive
Mike Boutte Inactive
Jason Morrow Inactive
Chris "Butterbean" Compton Inactive
Gary Phillips Inactive
Nichole Adams Inactive
Matthew "Booger" Broun Inactive
Jason Jordan Inactive
Brent Branham Inactive
Matt Shoemaker Inactive
Stephen Pritchet Inactive
Kevin Mitzner Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 817 Inactive
Andrew Cutcher Jäger Time
Player To Be Named Later 819 Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 820 Inactive
Don Wrathell Inactive
Use for Alternate 2 Yacht Dawgs
Use for Alternate 45 The Trash Pandas
Player To Be Named Later 824 Inactive
dd Inactive
Steve McCollum Inactive
Use for Alternate 197 One Hundred Nine Grams
Brandon Freeman Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 829 Inactive
Use for Alternate 189 Beers and Spears
Player To Be Named Later 831 Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 916 Inactive
Gary Hardwicke Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 834 Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 835 Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 836 Inactive
Use for Alternate 86 Hooligans
Player To Be Named Later 838 Inactive
Use for Alternate 47 Off In The Woods
Michael O'Connell Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 841 Inactive
Use for Alternate 81 Flight Club
Player To Be Named Later 843 Inactive
Use for Alternate 72 Starvin' Dartists
Player To Be Named Later 845 Inactive
Dennis Wilson Brewhouse Bull Masters
Player To Be Named Later 847 Inactive
Use for Alternate 32 Hasselhoff
Sig Tumlin Inactive
Gavin Ekins Inactive
Amy Wallace Inactive
Kristyna Flowers Inactive
Edwin McCurry Inactive
Brett Sharp Inactive
Brandon Boyce Inactive
John Jordan Inactive
Matt Weaver Off In The Woods
Bill Hamby Inactive
Matt Reiter Inactive
Brad Wall Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 862 Inactive
Dustin Walker Inactive
Use for Alternate 67 Pint and a Fight
Player To Be Named Later 865 Inactive
Clay Crocker Inactive
Shandin Manning Inactive
Chad Crain Inactive
Use for Alternate 106 Adda Dabba Doo
Player To Be Named Later 870 Inactive
Use for Alternate 59 Man Bags
Player To Be Named Later 872 Inactive
Use for Alternate 107 Sharp Objects
Use for Alternate 19 1's Are Closed
Player To Be Named Later 875 Inactive
Use for Alternate 93 Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Player To Be Named Later 877 Inactive
Use for Alternate 190 Gatitos de la Muerte
Player To Be Named Later 879 Inactive
Paul Matonak Inactive
Use for Alternate 48 Poker, We don't know her
Player To Be Named Later 882 Inactive
Use for Alternate 104 Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 884 Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 885 Inactive
Julia Rodgers Inactive
Mike Fitzgibbon Flight Club
Drew Sinclair Inactive
Bob Alberhasky Inactive
Jonathan Allen Inactive
Melissa "The Archer" Abreu Inactive
Tiffany Etue Inactive
Christian Covington Inactive
Patrick Huffington Inactive
Tony Wasilewski Inactive
Cary West Inactive
Dan Kelsey Adda Dabba Doo
Dan Valentine Inactive
Tim Pflieger Inactive
Matt Connors Inactive
Conan Finn Inactive
Sean Finn Inactive
Leith Georgis Inactive
Jaime Johnson Inactive
Use for Alternate 94 Inactive
Meriem Klein Inactive
Heather Mitchell Inactive
Use for Alternate 102 Basic Bitches
Use for Alternate 226 Armmed & Hammered
Use for Alternate 193 Inactive
Use for Alternate 195 Tons n' Roses
Mike Haulk Inactive
Joey Fitzpatrick Inactive
Mike Dunn Inactive
Player To Be Named Later 914 Inactive
Use for Alternate 229 Narfle the Garthok
Leigh Miles Inactive
Karoun Bagamian Inactive
Use for Alternate 196 The UFO's
Greg "Pops" Payne Inactive
Terri Thibault Inactive
Brandon Conner Inactive
Greg Underwood Starvin' Dartists
Tom Horan Inactive
Jessica Brown Inactive
Ken Costilow Inactive
David Read Inactive
Jeremy John Wallbangers
Bobby Shepard Wallbangers
Mike Ragan Inactive
Levi Blinson The Trash Pandas
Lee Wilkins Inactive
Lisa Angel Inactive
Joe Song Inactive
Chad Kawaminami Inactive
Phillip Jones Inactive
Chad Haase Armmed & Hammered
Rob King (A-B Only) Alternate Pool
Cher Voyles Inactive
Christen Eldred Inactive
Zina Ragan Inactive
Chanse Horton Inactive
Mike Buchbinder The Ginja Ninjas
Neal Bateman The Ginja Ninjas
Pat Keller The Ginja Ninjas
Chris McRae Inactive
Karin McRae Inactive
Jeff Bekiares Darty Sanchez
Jack Griffin Inactive
Gino Begluitti Inactive
Michael Schardan Inactive
Marion Martin Inactive
David Wess Inactive
Menelaos "Manny" Skaris Inactive
Jason Brown Inactive
Brian Donegan Darts and Crafts
Mike Reilly Inactive
Rob Benz Darts and Crafts
Erin Miller Inactive
Cathy Llewelyn Inactive
Kristen Carlson Inactive
Brad Zimmerman Inactive
Amy Tanner Inactive
Jamila Hankins Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Yvonne "Eva" Walton Inactive
Quenika Boston Inactive
Keita Evans Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Tony Everett Inactive
Mike Callahan The Ginja Ninjas
Matt Hobbs Inactive
Jeffrey Stephenson Inactive
Daniel Schmidt Inactive
Yasminka "Sasha" Jakubek Inactive
Dan Swartzlander Inactive
Michael Pluckhahn Inactive
Bradley Wright The Ginja Ninjas
Matthew "Bar Darts" Benjamin Inactive
Jackie Oliver Inactive
Jonathan Springston Inactive
Robert Miller Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Judd Hickinbotham Inactive
Ryan "Red" Morrin 1's Are Closed
Jessica Leming Inactive
Tim Crockett Adda Dabba Doo
Ethan Lillemoe Inactive
Jerry Loch Inactive
Ryan Clarkson Inactive
Gareth Buckley Brewhouse Bull Masters
Garry Hardwicke Brewhouse Bull Masters
Daniel Lyons Inactive
Kyle Johnson Dart Vader & The OGs
Ashleigh Kent Dart Vader & The OGs
Claire Stovall Dart Vader & The OGs
Dustin Dolatowski Dart Vader & The OGs
Megan Lyons Dart Vader & The OGs
Shawn Cleary Darts and Crafts
Dianna Hill Inactive
Kristin Wilson Darts and Crafts
Michael Wilson Darts and Crafts
Dondi McClintock Bull Shifters
Andrew Neerman Inactive
Jennifer Leigh Inactive
Jordan Dominick Inactive
Joy Whichard Inactive
Katy Freund Inactive
AJ Thompson Inactive
Theresa Datillo Inactive
Tony Vastola Brewhouse Bull Masters
Rob Thompson Wild Beast Brigade
David Cassidy Inactive
Brett Mertens Inactive
Chloe Ralston Inactive
David Miksch Inactive
Becca "The Stilletto" Clegg The Trash Pandas
James Kelley (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Andy Minkewicz Flight Club
Max Caron Inactive
Phillip Appiah Bridge Builders
Matty Goens Inactive
Emily Haught Inactive
Ken Welsh Inactive
Otis Criswell Inactive
Matt Baker Beers and Spears
John Heenan Beers and Spears
Josh Burdette Inactive
Chris Giddens Beers and Spears
Phil Postage Inactive
Andrew Spencer Inactive
Evan Strange (C-E Only) Inactive
Naomi Lavender Inactive
Mike Johnson Inactive
James McDougal Inactive
Mark "Four Count" Sparkman The Glen-Woody's
Josh Coleman Inactive
Tony Lawrence The Ginja Ninjas
Jeff Gaines Inactive
Andrew O'Conner Tons n' Roses
Carter Marlor Inactive
Brad Neubert Inactive
Sonya McNeil Inactive
Carmita Rivers Inactive
Jaime Olazaba Inactive
Susan Kenny Inactive
Emilia Gadjeva Inactive
Moran Vered The UFO's
Doug Lueder The UFO's
Rob Shaw Inactive
Amanda Morton Inactive
Vien Nguyen Bridge Builders
Chris Jagger Starvin' Dartists
Dean Solomon Inactive
Ben Kruger The Ginja Ninjas
Amber Baker Beers and Spears
Rob Kosakoski 1's Are Closed
Mallori McKenna Inactive
Eric Kilgo (A-B Only) Alternate Pool
Kenn Klarich One Hundred Nine Grams
Jeremy Green One Hundred Nine Grams
Nate Chandler One Hundred Nine Grams
Michael Dryden The UFO's
Crystal Sellers (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Denis Coulson Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Matt Gaffney Inactive
Michelle Tow (B-E Only) Alternate Pool
Jamie Burns Inactive
Rob Demont Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Travis Lynk Inactive
Todd Koch (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Blake Kearney Alternate Pool
David Sullivan Inactive
Ben Rose Inactive
Mike Fischer Tons n' Roses
Mike Kramer Tons n' Roses
Matt Eby (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Tony Crane Beers and Spears
Lawrence Morton Inactive
Leon Woods Inactive
Use for Alternate 56 Circle Jerks
Jon Miller Inactive
Brett Handelman Inactive
Deke Phillips Inactive
Use for Alternate 103 Ridin' Darty
Greg (no play felon)Poncelet Inactive
Ryan Travis Tons n' Roses
Kevin Epp One Hundred Nine Grams
Patrick Fagan Inactive
Nathan Kerr Hasselhoff
Andrew Pappas Inactive
Staci "The Closer" Lell Inactive
Kevin Leipow The UFO's
Nick Waldorf  Inactive
Chris Wilkinson (A-B only) Inactive
Scott Bertrand Inactive
Mike Bertrand Inactive
Chris Wheeler Inactive
Alexandria "Alex" Lewis Inactive
Wendy Lambert Inactive
John Talisman One Hundred Nine Grams
LuAnne DeMeo (C-E Only) Alternate Pool
Chuck Kemp Inactive
Jim Kettel Inactive
Chris Kavanaugh (B-D Only) Alternate Pool
Use for Alternate 202 Inactive
Scott Woodward Inactive
Brian Harkins Inactive
Rob Sten Inactive
Steven Snider Inactive
Jim Ivey Inactive
Mike Ivey Three Men in a Boat
Steve Gardner Inactive
Bryan Blase Circle Jerks
Peter Kruskamp Inactive
Matt Arico Inactive
Tom "lil bitch" Gramling The Trash Pandas
Patrick (A & B) Harrington Inactive
James Morelli Inactive
Lacey Bousquet Inactive
Patricia Pichardo Dart Attacks
Lynn Aniskiewicz Inactive
Drew Goodwin Inactive
Brittnie Davis Inactive
Bill Griffin Dart Attacks
Colm Reilly Fado
James Moore Fado
Kevin Ellis Inactive
Conan Finn Inactive
Sean Finn Inactive
Adan Solis Inactive
Jennifer Carlton Bridge Builders
Jessica Knippel Inactive
Stephanie Cardenas Inactive
Robert Turman Fado
Russell Belcher Fado
Jeff Schuelke Inactive
Ben Alvarado The Trash Pandas
Jerome Moon Inactive
Paul Rocker One Hundred Nine Grams
Claire (Langley) Godino Poker, We don't know her
Bobby Blair Inactive
Sam Wilson Inactive
Barry Scanlon Inactive
Jeff Mitchell Off In The Woods
Alex Semere Inactive
Chris Gianaras Inactive
Paul Gerts Inactive
Remote 2Key (Darrin) Inactive
Roberto Vinas Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Chris Miller Alternate Pool
Brent Peebles Alternate Pool
James Rutherford Alternate Pool
Pat Hodges (D - E only) Alternate Pool
Mark Miller Inactive
Brian Freedman Inactive
Carl Gilbert The Glen-Woody's
Spencer Mickler Inactive
Marius Vieth Darty Sanchez
Matt Mullen Unicorn Fandango
Brandon Dunn Darty Sanchez
Charles Brosen Unicorn Fandango
Chelsea Lloyd Inactive
Tom Dearman Adda Dabba Doo
Ethan Lillemoe Inactive
David Lloyd Inactive
Jennifer Thoroe Inactive
Eric Thoroe Adda Dabba Doo
Ryan Price Yacht Dawgs
Seth Fries (B-C) Table 5
Rakim White Inactive
Alex (A-C) Gonzalez Inactive
Tucker Sandlin Inactive
Mariela Gonzalez Inactive
Asher Haig Inactive
Heather Koth We're sexy and we throw it
Hilary Zelko Cherry Strikers
Lisa Moore Cherry Strikers
Kristen Tullos Cherry Strikers
Sarah Ashton Cherry Strikers
Laura Steul Cherry Strikers
Jason Russell Darty Sanchez
Joe Conway Inactive
Eric Jeffers Inactive
Charlie Cates Poker, We don't know her
Ross Hambrick Inactive
Jesse Black Inactive
Mark Walling Inactive
Danny Delfino Inactive
Brian Keller Inactive
Pete LeVan Inactive
Stuart Donovan Magic City Monday
Melissa Abreu Basic Bitches
Lindsey Williford Inactive
Jamie Lane Darty Sanchez
Drew Costanza Inactive
Madison Koeneke Sharp Objects
George Coe Dart Attacks
Clark Waite Inactive
Scott Ankowitz Magic City Monday
Ryan Oliver Inactive
Brook Friedlander Inactive
Candace Jenkins Inactive
Penny Inactive
Matt Gragg Inactive
Doug Sprinkle Poker, We don't know her
Damon Haas KY Easy In
Stephanie Buck KY Easy In
Andy McClatchey KY Easy In
Teddy Dienst Inactive
Marlie McDonnell Inactive
William Vance KY Easy In
Paul Vermillion We're sexy and we throw it
Velvet Twist Wallbangers
Jimmy Horton Needledicks
Shane Foye Projectile Dysfunction
Drew Wood Needledicks
Sam Farmer Needledicks
Alex 'Puff' King Projectile Dysfunction
Chris Murphy Inactive
Chris Wier Inactive
Jason Pruitt Inactive
Amanda Blackwell Inactive
Rebecca Bily Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Travis Harrell Inactive
Shayne Adams We're sexy and we throw it
Use for Alternate 228 We're sexy and we throw it
Willy Vega Inactive
Hamid Anghaie Inactive
Katie Wyman Inactive
Mike Webb Inactive
Use for Alternate 105 Brewhouse Bull Masters
Alex Figueiredo Smells Like Bulls Hit
Tony Vickery Inactive
Alex Nachlas Inactive
Joe Wend Smells Like Bulls Hit
Mike Montano Alternate Pool
Richard Moore Inactive
Cliff Amato Bull Shifters
Jean Pierre Louw Inactive
Anne Haase Armmed & Hammered
Clinton "Surge" Watkins Inactive
Barry Greene Gatitos de la Muerte
Matt Blumenstyk Inactive
Cami Fanning (D-F only) Inactive
Jonny Moreno Table 5
Peter de Lastic Bull Shifters
Shawn Musengo Inactive
Austin Wolf Inactive
Katie McElroy Inactive
Erik Nave Sharp Objects
Jumpy Burns Gatitos de la Muerte
Sean Muscio 1's Are Closed
John Rogers Three Men in a Boat
Use for Alternate 207 Three Men in a Boat
Nick Turner Inactive
Don McCollister Alternate Pool
Use for Alternate 220 The Glen-Woody's
Xander Johnson Inactive
Drew Wilson Projectile Dysfunction
Bryant Junco Inactive
Renee Martin Inactive
Jacob Gauthier We're sexy and we throw it
Ben Rickles Table 5
Patrick O'shea Bustin' Feels Good
Chuck Amason Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Zach Hager Bull Shifters
Christina Watts Inactive
Jessica Maddox Basic Bitches
Alternate for 241 Paul Dart Mall Cop
Don Hodack The Drunken Phoenix
Bretton McIIrath Gatitos de la Muerte
Amber Gallagher the Dartside
Dan Grupp Smells Like Bulls Hit
Paul Granade the Dartside
Alternate for 239 the Dartside
Stephen Maginas Bull Shifters
David Stallings Bull Shifters
Frank Casino The Drunken Phoenix
Alternate for 240 The Drunken Phoenix
Jeremy Fuerst Inactive
Chris Deriso Hasselhoff
Bryan Hieserman The Drunken Phoenix
Scott Robinson The Drunken Phoenix
Tyrone Huebsch The Drunken Phoenix
Stephen Pritchett Bridge Builders
AJ Moon The Drunken Phoenix
Darren Tigue The Drunken Phoenix
Ben McGlamery Paul Dart Mall Cop
Robert Graham Paul Dart Mall Cop
Scott Griffin Paul Dart Mall Cop
Andrew Grice Paul Dart Mall Cop
Ash Rickard Paul Dart Mall Cop
Geoff Sable the Dartside
Matthew Cartin Gatitos de la Muerte
Use for Alternate 99 Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Robby Stites Three Men in a Boat
Corey Ledet Three Men in a Boat
Stan Waldrop Inactive
John Marty Flight Club
Use for Alternate 101 Jäger Time
David Payseur Armmed & Hammered
Mike Strouse Inactive
Use for Alternate 222 Darty Sanchez
Use for Alternate 209 Dart Attacks
Dominique Gardener Bustin' Feels Good
Van Moncrieff Bustin' Feels Good
Tyler Durden Bustin' Feels Good
Evan Deyoung Bustin' Feels Good
PJ Verstraete Needledicks
Bo Shaw Needledicks
Drew McIntyre Needledicks
Jake Star Inactive
Todd Rivera The UFO's
Ryan Reynolds Inactive
Max Kollross Inactive
Adam Zalkin Inactive
Mark Brose Inactive
John Majewski Wallbangers
Sean McKaharay Wallbangers
Sean Chance Poker, We don't know her
Evan Hamrick Projectile Dysfunction
Conner Murray Projectile Dysfunction
Josh Calvin Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Brent Harris Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Melissa Jenkins Castleberry Hill Dart Club
James Klotz Inactive
Andrew "Sweede" Ericson Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Timothy Cambias Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Darius Kirschner Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Dan Watson Inactive
Alex Amarra Circle Jerks
Garrett Hill Hasselhoff
Justin Walker Inactive
Jack Bradley Projectile Dysfunction
Chris Vollmer Three Men in a Boat
Whitney Huffman Inactive
Use for Alternate 224 Wallbangers
Use for Alternate 223 Cherry Strikers
Use for Alternate 211 Bridge Builders
Brian Lewis Magic City Monday
Will Lombard Magic City Monday
Jamie Gilbert Inactive
Lex Rickenbaker Inactive
Morgan Akers Magic City Monday
Steve Hunt Inactive
Greg Paton Ash Needledicks
Jonathan Hood Inactive
Chris Watson Inactive
Tim Dejoseph Inactive
Todd Gandee Poker, We don't know her
Matt O'Brien Bull Shifters
Dustin Weaver We're sexy and we throw it
Chip Tallman Magic City Monday
Bill Greven Magic City Monday
Corey Baker Inactive
Jerahme Wetzel Bull Shifters
Omar Griffin Inactive
Bobby Threat The Glen-Woody's
Ben Miller The Glen-Woody's
Brian Polinsky The UFO's
Tom Kerekes Needledicks
Sean Morton Hasselhoff
James Steadham the Dartside
Penny Thompson Armmed & Hammered
Elizabeth Ehrlich Bustin' Feels Good
Ben Williams the Dartside
Val Coron Inactive
Shana Barrett Dart Attacks
Taylor Kyles Inactive
Matt McGlamery Paul Dart Mall Cop
Tamara Boyle Armmed & Hammered
Justin Desterhouse Armmed & Hammered
John Albrecht Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Use for Alternate 244 Bustin' Feels Good
Kyle Greiner Adda Dabba Doo
Mike Kinsella Inactive
Miles Durrett Inactive
Garrett Starks We're sexy and we throw it
Jeff Gordon The UFO's
Brian Wojcio Hasselhoff
Scott McGuire Magic City Monday
Ed Kosakoski 1's Are Closed
Mike Buechel Hasselhoff
Scott Palmer Circle Jerks
Josh Matlock The Glen-Woody's
Tariq Griffin Inactive
Sandra Torres-Ortiz Dart Attacks
Brian Newsome Grant Dart
Renee Haller Atomic Blondes
Alexander Johnson Inactive
Chris Watson Inactive
Martin Arignon Inactive
Trent Murry Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Patrick McCoy Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Orwyn Redred Inactive
Sean Brandon Inactive
Drew Dennis Hasselhoff
Orwyn Allicock Inactive
Use for ALTERNATE 260 Grant Dart
Lael Fredsel Grant Dart
Ben Massey Inactive
Gus Nelson Inactive
Ben Johnson Needledicks
Use for Alternate 245 Needledicks
Drew Mancini (D-F only) Inactive
Alternate 2 for 102 Basic Bitches
Corey Reitz The Glen-Woody's
Justin Desiderio Brewhouse Bull Masters
Nick Lemmond Inactive
Connor Ciepluch Needledicks
Michael Talley Inactive
Chris Campana KY Easy In
Eric Doyle Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Bryan Fields Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Betsy Howerton Is It In?
Leslie Reed Is It In?
Jess Thompson Is It In?
Amy Figuerdo Is It In?
Holly Colundjia Is It In?
Caroline Taylor Is It In?
Ellen Jarratt Is It In?
Jen Yavorsky Is It In?
Brooke Lewis Atomic Blondes
Dani Haller Atomic Blondes
Kristin Cheatwood Inactive
Faith McDaniel Inactive
Tracy Crocker Inactive
Bill Richardson Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap
Brian Mancuso Is It In?
Alternate for 210 Fado
Jeremy John Wallbangers
Robbie Crock Inactive
Kevin Hughes Hasselhoff
Julie Granacher Wallbangers
Cameron Valkmen Inactive
Elizabeth Ehrlich Inactive
Nickie Adams Basic Bitches
Teryn Niel Atomic Blondes
Andrew Hughes Smells Like Bulls Hit
Nate Watkins Smells Like Bulls Hit
Anthony Palmenter Smells Like Bulls Hit
Scott Hennessy KY Easy In
Cameron Kovalkj Grant Dart
Jeffrey LaGoy Grant Dart
Jim Kimmey Grant Dart
Mike Conwell Grant Dart
Tyler Mabry Darty Rotten Scoundrels
Dee Gaskin Atomic Blondes
Bob Newsome Grant Dart
Ed Freydel Grant Dart
Use for Alternate 246 Castleberry Hill Dart Club
Use for Alternate 227 KY Easy In
Use for Alternate 231 Bull Shifters