The Player's League

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don Small

High In/Out

Division A

High In 146 Tim Crockett Adda Dabba Doo 2020-03-02
High Out 148 Chris Jagger Starvin' Dartists 2020-03-09

Division B

High In 149 Brandon Dunn Darty Sanchez 2020-02-17
High Out 83 Phillip Appiah Darty Sanchez 2020-02-03

Division C

High In 127 Michael Dryden The UFO's 2020-03-02
High Out 99 Doug Sprinkle Poker, We don't know her 2020-02-03

Division D

High In 130 Eli Sanders Wallbangers 2020-02-03
High Out 106 Robert Miller Dart Attacks 2020-02-03

Division E

High In 104 Dave Benkeser Darty Birds 2020-02-17
High Out 120 Robby Whitlock Projectile Dysfunction 2020-03-09

Division F