The Player's League

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don Small

High In/Out

Division A

High In 93 Phillip Appiah Bridge Builders 2019-02-11
High Out 114 Danny Schaefer Brewhouse Bull Masters 2019-03-18

Division B

High In 100 Frank Casino The Drunken Phoenix 2019-02-25
High Out 130 Tom "lil bitch" Gramling The Trash Pandas 2019-03-11

Division C

High In 96 Mike Fitzgibbon Flight Club 2019-02-11
High Out 80 Shayne Adams We're sexy and we throw it 2019-02-11

Division D

High In 105 Chris Cline Chairmen Eat Kittens 2019-03-11
High Out 83 Robert Turman Fado 2019-02-04

Division E

High In 92 Bill Barnes Hasselhoff 2019-03-11
High Out 86 John Majewski Wallbangers 2019-02-11

Division F

High In 152 John Albrecht Dirty Darts Done Dirt Cheap 2019-03-04
High Out 78 Dani Haller Atomic Blondes 2019-03-04