The Player's League

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don Small

High In/Out

Division A

High In 120 Jeff Davis Darty Rotten Scoundrels 2024-06-03
High Out 124 Tom Hidock Menace II Sobriety 2024-06-10

Division B

High In 152 Derrick Blackmon Dart Bags 2024-05-20
High Out 122 Frank Casino The Drunken Phoenix 2024-07-01

Division C

High In 88 Merrick Royball Off In The Woods 2024-05-20
High In 88 Tom Kerekes Needledicks 2024-06-10
High In 88 Dan Niewoehner Castleberry Hill Dart Club 2024-06-17
High Out 95 Matt Weaver Off In The Woods 2024-06-03

Division D

High In 81 Leanna London Dart Attacks 2024-06-17
High Out 94 Erica Fortune Gatitos de la Muerte 2024-06-17

Division E

Division F