The Player's League

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don Small

High In/Out

Division A

High In 116 Phillip Appiah Darty Sanchez 2023-03-13
High Out 120 Charlene Sotolongo Darty Rotten Scoundrels 2023-01-30

Division B

High In 100 Frank Schultz Yacht Dawgs 2023-03-06
High In 100 David Jordan No MAS! 2023-03-20
High Out 118 Bryan Hieserman The Drunken Phoenix 2023-02-13

Division C

High In 120 Brendan Elizondo Projectile Dysfunction 2023-01-30
High Out 94 Gavin Williams Paul Dart Mall Cop 2023-02-20

Division D

High In 94 Ryan Schumacher Dart Bags 2023-02-20
High Out 80 Scott Mitchell Off In The Woods 2023-02-20

Division E

Division F