The Player's League

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League Players

Player Team
AJ Thompson AJ and Jon
Katie "Bullseye" Wyman Army Of Dartness
Emory Cullen Dartosaurus Rex
Theresa Datillo Dartosaurus Rex
Gus Glaw Queens Head
Kym Hadzick Oh, High Mark
Martina Weber Dartners in Crime
Donald "The Beard" Kjorlien Power & Pipes
Dacey Hartsfield Just the One?
Rich Rosario Yacht Dawgs
Chip Pecchio At Least Were Pretty
Sara Haskew #tomstheworst
Ty Taylor Chili con Queso
Justin Stewart Tempo Martelo
Jeff Lell #tomstheworst
Dave Altherr Bulls Deep In Your Mom's Cork
Kelly Hadzick The Juggalos
Jess Mickle Bullshitters
Brook Friedlander Power & Pipes
William Perry Ton and Done
Tim Hibler Suck my Diddle
Holen Tamman Suck my Diddle
Rich Dufford Army Of Dartness
David Ozyp Nice Darts
Kristen Carlson Chili con Queso
Staci Mockridge Lell At Least Were Pretty
Julia Rodgers First Class
Rebecca Bily Queens Head
Ian Ybarbo Mushin No Shin
Emily Haught Mushin No Shin
Melissa Abreu Tempo Martelo
Levi Blinson One Hundred and Eighty
Becca Clegg Double Tub
Jon Callen The Juggalos
JT Shoemaker Just the One?
Patrick Harrington Attack of the Killer Ton-Eight-Ohs
Tom Gramling Double Tub
Bo Scott Piece of Work
Jennifer Carlton Piece of Work
Mike Ragan Sandbaggers
Zina Ragan Sandbaggers
Bill Griffin XLOVE
Candace Jenkins The Dartside
Denette Lowing The Dungeon Masters
Jon Miller AJ and Jon
Chris "C-Dub" Wilkinson Total Eclipse Of The Darts
Lacey Bousquet Amber Alert
Chris "Big Country" Harden Dr. Whooooo!
Dawn Perry Dr. Whooooo!
Bretton McIlrath We Like it When You go DOWN
Jessica Maddox We Like it When You go DOWN
Bethany Lange One Hundred and Eighty
Amber Gallager Dude, Where's my Dart
Matt Cartin Dude, Where's my Dart
Ryan Price Oh, High Mark
Jacob Gauthier Dart Flights Matter
Michelle Tow El Toro Furioso
Scott Palmer El Toro Furioso
Heather Koth Five Cherry Surprise
Seth Fries Five Cherry Surprise
Ryan Clarkston Cameli Toes
John Anderson Grip it and Rip it
Amy Anderson Grip it and Rip it
Charlie Cates Perfect Strangers
Laura Morrison Perfect Strangers
James Hutchins Better than Basic
Nickie Adams Better than Basic
Brian Newsome Loose Cannons
Charles Allmond Who Darted
Denette Allmond Who Darted
Brian Reber The Dartside
Patricia Pichardo XLOVE
Shana Barrett Ton and Done
Nick Lemmond The East Pointers
Kieran Rose The East Pointers
Abigail Larimer Loose Cannons
Timothy Cambias First Class
Sandra Torres-Ortiz That Other Team
Andy McClatchey KY Get Shafted
George Coe That Other Team
Maureen McClachey KY Get Shafted
Doug Holloway Hotdog
Halyley McNutt Hotdog
Renee Haller 311 Shit Show